ZZIEE Ceramics

ZZIEE Ceramics is the work of Elizabeth Eisenstein, a sculptor and potter based in Joshua Tree, CA.  Coming from a fine arts background, she enjoys making work that straddles the divide between pottery and sculpture.  She is equally inspired by the work of master potters, and that of first-graders.  Consequently, a reverence for the medium, combined with an inquisitive and playful approach in the studio, is integral to her practice.  At the end of the day, she simply strives to make funny things out of mud that feel good to hold, look at, and use.

In addition to running her own ceramics business, she works part-time as a production potter at MazAmar Art Pottery in Pioneertown, CA.  When she’s not in that studio or her own, she can be found hiking in the National Park, exploring the desert east of Wonder Valley, or sitting on her back porch watching the sunset.  The desert landscape is an major influence on her work, so she tries to immerse herself in it as much as possible.

Though ceramics are her main focus, her background is in fine artphotography in particular.  She is also a freelance web designer and occasional lifestyle photographer.  She also really likes cats and medium to large size dogs, is a big Dodger fan (go Kenley Jansen!), and dreams of owning a Datsun 240z some day.

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