Vintage wear. Fresh style.

WRN FRSH [‘worn - fresh]

In the fast-paced and large-scale production fashion world, WRN FRSH seeks a more sustainable perspective. Owners Gene Duven and Michael Falsetto-Mapp have combined their backgrounds in styling and multimedia arts with their love of Memphis-Milano style 80's meets 90’s hip-hop culture to bring you a highly vetted collection of clothing and homegoods. Sourcing recycled and repurposed pieces, we present a more gender-neutral take on old favorites by going where few have dared to go. The result will keep the world looking fresh, without squandering the precious resources our planet has to offer.

If you're in the Bay Area, come visit our pop-up's in San Francisco - Yonder Shop (701 11th Ave) and Seedstore (212 Clement St). If not, check out our Instagram and VSCO for more WRN FRSH vibes.

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