Lee Coren

We are a multifunctional contemporary vegan handbags, backpacks and accessories inspired by modern exploration.

I’m Lee, the founder, designer & maker behind the LEE COREN brand.

LEE COREN designs are Inspired by a mixture of two strong elements in my life, urban surroundings and the need for escapism and a breath of fresh air. The collection features handmade screen printed fabrics and original prints from scenery captured on camera transformed into versatile essentials, built to last but never boring. 

Made to travel, inspired by modern exploration 

About my materials and ethics:
I source and produce locally and ethically, using cruelty-free, vegan friendly materials, and when sourcing leather replacements I always choose high quality, Italian made, cotton-backed microfiber PU (Polyurethane) which is less harmful to the environment then regular solutions. I believe it matters. 

I'm passionate about creating smart and exciting pieces, that will travel with you wherever you go. 

I'm proud to announce that we are a PETA approved vegan brand! 

PETA Approved

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