Designed in Japan and made in the USA, the KATO' brand is as distinctive as your own style personality. It’s that perfect pair of worn-in jeans that have become a part of you. The shirt that you wear all the time because it looks and feels like you do.

Very intentionally, KATO' garments evolve with you as you wear them and become distinctively yours.

In 1999, Hiroshi Kato established the brand KATO' in Kyoto, Japan to share his passion for design and “artisan clothing” with the rest of the world. 

KATO' is a reflection of the designer’s philosophy: “A garment simply completes the man. And the garment is not complete without the man wearing it.”

The acclaimed brand emphasizes attention to the smallest of details from intricate stitching, vintage trims, creative labels to individualized merchant tags.

All of the key elements are joined harmoniously with the textile tradition from Japan’s oldest city and cultural hub, Kyoto, and the vision of Hiroshi Kato to give birth to unique Made in USA garments that combine comfort, durability and style.